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New patients are always welcome at the Clinic.


North Vancouver Chiropractic provides Chiropractic care and Registered Massage Therapy.

North Vancouver Chiropractic was opened by Dr. Robson in 1978 as a primary Chiropractic clinic. It has grown to include a Chiropractic associate, Dr. Joe Pratile and a future massage therapy practitioner. A summary of clinical care includes:

Acute and Chronic care for full spine and neck pain, including headaches, migraines and soft tissue distress, traumatic injury (motor vehicle incidents) or adaptive faults from bio-mechanical distress.

  • Neck treatment, available by remote body adjustments, if requested, can be accomplished without direct neck adjustments.
  • Postural analysis and subsequent muscular retraining is part of our method of diagnostic assessment and care.
  • Treatment for Jaw pain or TMJ, is available, with Vertigo assessment as it pertains to the Cervical (Neck) spine and traumatic etiology.
  • Extremity Care: Arms, Hands, Legs and Feet assessment and treatment, is provided to aid “Frozen Shoulders”; “Tennis or Golfers Elbow”; “Wrist Injuries” and False or Pseudo “Carpal Tunnel Syndromes”, as well as treatment for “Hip Bursitis”, “Aging Joints”, “Knee Pains” and “Foot Strains and Plantar Fasciitis” to name a few. These are often at the root or spinal level but require treatment at the local muscular and ligamentous level as well. Extremity care is extremely important for reducing referral pains.
  • Remember, core stabilization of muscular systems is also necessary to aid in long term recovery.
  • “Whiplash,” motor-vehicle incident management, treatment and injury assessment, including status and medical-legal reports are made available to the adjustor or legal team when authorized by the patient.
  • Designated exercise and progressive rehabilitation information and treatment is designed individually as required.
  • Deep tissue and trigger point therapy is available with a Registered Massage Therapist. A smart way of “Upgrading your Software”
  • X-Ray screening is accessed, if required, through outsourcing.

New patients are always welcome at the Clinic.

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