Preferred Areas of Practice

Preferred Areas of Practice

Full Spinal Treatments

Also, neck care can be indirectly achieved through remote spinal adjustments. Treatment may also include the jaw (TMJ), upper back & rib regions, or course the lower back and the pelvis. Whiplash like responses must be addressed before the responses become your normal pattern. Acute or Chronic, it all requires clearing to achieve the best that can be reached.

Extremity Treatments (Arms and Legs)

Shoulders to arms to elbows to wrists to fingers; hips to thighs to knees to lower legs to ankles to feet to heels and toes. We treat all those Dance and Sport injuries that these parts haven’t forgotten.

Pregnancy Care and Childhood Treatments

How many of us didn’t fall or injure ourselves as children! Pregnancy…nine plus months of weight bearing changes to your lower back, pelvis and legs. Then…carrying and hugging and car seating our little miracle smilers, it often has its protective effect on the spinal system, leading to back pains that most often can be helped.

It’s all in the connections; cell memory, muscular protective responses, systematic body protection, and sometimes the worst… recovery by healing without recovery in function.

The spinal and body systems communicate 24/7/365 through the Nervous system reaching muscles, ligaments, connective tissues, fascia and proprioceptors (receptors of positioning and sense) for your well-being. We, as Doctors of Chiropractic, assist the process to aid in the direction of that response.  Without assistance, the body will naturallly treat you like a caveman, healing tissue withut healing function. Not so good.