North Vancouver Chiropractic

The practice of Chiropractic is based on the health sciences with the focus on natural health care. We offer acute and Chronic care for full spine and neck pain, including headaches, migraines and soft tissue distress, traumatic injury or adaptive faults from bio-mechanical distress.



Monday & Wednesday 10am – 5:30pm
Friday & Saturday 9am – 12pm, 1 – 3pm
Saturday 9am – 12pm, 1 – 3pm
+ Emergency on Sat.
Tuesday & Thursday CLOSED

Preferred Areas of Practice

How North Vancouver Chiropractic can
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Your Spine, Your Health

How the health and proper maintenance of
your spine impacts every area of your life.


The Clinic

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The practice of Chiropractic is based on science
with a focus on natural health care.

It is a Primary Care profession, providing an assessment of the nervous systems, the muscular and the skeletal or spinal systems.

If required, X-Rays may be taken to confirm a diagnosis.

Gentle treatment and maintenance of the noted condition will follow upon your consent.

Remember, you don’t have to be hurting to see a Doctor of Chiropractic.

About The Care

No medical referral is necessary or required,
but always accepted.

The Human body, as a unit, responds to the effects of injury, time or old body memories completely and continuously. Spinal treatment attempts to re-engage the proper physical function to the traumatized region to support your nervous system’s re-adaptation so that it may again respond to a normal routine.

Improving body, spinal and neurological function is the smart choice for upgrading your quality of life. Chiropractic leads health care in maximizing a patients physical abilities and zest for life:

“The cutting edge approach, without the cutting edge.”