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Privacy Policy

Why do we have a privacy policy?

At North Vancouver Chiropractic, we believe in building professional relationships with our patients. These relationships are built on trust and respect and we believe that is the way a health care bond may properly be attained. Part of establishing the trust and respect of a patient at this clinic is by the offering of complete information on your case, and the receiving of the pertinent information required from you. We let you be part of how this information will be handled, and how this information will be kept private. We know that your personal information is a valued asset and the Chiropracic profession wants you to know that we will treat it that way.


The purpose of the following document is to inform you of:

  • office information handling practices;
  • the common sense reasons for these practices;
  • security steps in place to protect your information; and
  • your role in controlling your own personal information.


Collecting Personal Information

At North Vancouver Chiropractic, we collect personal information to better serve both the diagnostic requirements and your own needs.

Some of this type of information could be;

  • contact and mailing information such as name, address, telephone numbers, fax numbers and/or email address.
  • personal health care or injury information.
  • any other relevant information necessary to provide you with safe and progressive improvement.

We may, at times, need to collect other personal information depending on the circumstances, but your agreement to this will always be requested.


Safeguarding Your Personal Information

The Chiropractic profession always values a patients personal information. Part of this is making sure that the information is protected and kept safe and confidential. This is achieved by:

  • keeping your records secure; No internet access available on site.


Controlling Your Personal Information

We believe that part of establishing trust and integrity comes from allowing you to control your own personal information. As such, we will collect information about you on a voluntary basis. If you have questions or concerns about the handling of your personal information or wish to withdraw your consent, please contact Dr Robson at North Vancouver Chiropractic and this will be attended to.


Accessing Your Personal Information

North Vancouver Chiropractic provides you with the opportunity to access your personal information that is held by us. If you require another copy of such information or further information, please contact Dr Robson at North Vancouver Chiropractic. Please note that a nominal fee may be charged based on the volume of information requested, and the time required to produce it.


Updating Your Personal Information

It is always your responsibility as a patient of this office to ensure that your personal information is correct and is kept current. Your information will be kept as long as is necessary to continue to meet your needs and any further health care requirements that you may have, such as an ICBC incident, or a sports injury traumatic event. However, once your personal information is no longer needed, it will be destroyed after the appropriate number of years . If your personal information changes, please inform us of the change and any other information you feel is necessary. Also, if your personal information is incorrect or has recently changed, we must be notified of the corrected information as soon as is possible.