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Chiropractic is a regulated healthcare profession that centers on the muscular and skeletal systems and how it changes the nervous systems appreciation for your abilities as it interacts with learned responces both good and bad. The word is derived from the Greek words “Chiro” and “Praxis” meaning “done by hand”, Doctors of Chiropractic take a hands-on, pro-active approach to your healthcare. The nervous system reacts to the environment around us, but it also continues to react to the environment you may have given it at an earlier age, due to unfortunate trauma, injury or just goofing off as we grow up.


The Chiropractor’s goal is to get you back to your personal level of health. This muist first begin with an examination. This may involve many types of tests for body abilities; for example, strength, weakness, postural adaptation or adaptations to incorrect working conditions (ergonomics). This will allow us to be able to more predictably diagnose where your spinal condition may be coming from. We then develop an individualized treatment plan for your particular situation and begin treatment after your consent, while at the same time, providing education around the idea of injury prevention, for the future you. This three-step approach helps us to get you back to the things that you enjoy, sooner. Hitting the slopes for the last day of ski season, or taking an evening stroll with your family, or playing with the kids or grand-kids while laughing, is so much more enjoyable than being confined to a bed with back, neck, leg, hip, knee or arm pains.


Are there activities that you used to enjoy that you are now unable to participate in due to pain or mobility issues? The cause may be an underlying spinal condition, of which most are not Chronic in nature. Most appear to be a build-up of responses over the years from a previous trauma, car incident, sports inury (often forgotten) or just fast aging that has now allowed the distress to rise to the top of the pain threshold.


To learn more about Chiropractic treatment and to determine if its right for you, call for an appointment to our office and let us find out if we can help.